Three-dimensional ZEISS machine acquisition

Erlo Group has not stopped its activity during August with the objective of fulfilling its commitments to deliver our latest high-performance transfer machines for the Automotive sector. In addition, this period has been used to acquire a new three-dimensional ZEISS DuraMax model with the latest technology.


During this last week of August, ERLO Group has received the visit of Eneko Navarro, application technician of Bigumetrik S.L (official trainer of the ZEISS Group), to train our team in the use of this new acquisition. Bigumetrik S.L is a company dedicated to offer Industrial metrology services through ZEISS latest technology equipment with more than 15 years of experience in advising its customers.


Like technology, markets increase their demands for performance, quality and accuracy. This new ZEISS DuraMax machine allows us to make a qualitative leap in terms of quality control and measurement with an uncertainty of only 2.7 microns as the ZEISS team comments "Only what is measured can be improved".


When asking Eneko Navarro about the benefits of the machine, he answered by saying: "Being good is not enough, you need to proof it", not in vain, ZEISS is a leading international group in the fields of semiconductor (microchips) manufacturing, medical technology, optics and industrial metrology among others, contributing for more than 160 years to the world technological progress to many high performance industries.


From ERLO Group we maintain our strong commitment to innovation applied to the improvement of our performance and products. We invite you to contact our team, which will gladly attend and answer any questions regarding ERLO Group products and services.