Hydraulic press standarization

This week is about presses. Along with the recent launch of our 2021 catalogue of hydraulic presses where, apart from the knowledge and designs acquired when absorbing Lizuan, we show our own designs and product range, we show you the improvements made this 2021.


At this stage, we have focused on standardizing the press management system. Through proportional hydraulics, we have homogenized the way to control the presses. This system is supported by the following improvements:

  • Programming screen for simple touch control.
  • Linear transducer to program the measurements without the need for positioning micros, etc.
  • Pressure transducer to control the pressure from the screen without the typical gauges with their settings and so on.
  • We incorporated a new design line in addition to the current ones.
  • We added the option of a specific design to look for an improvement in ergonomics, from working standing to sitting.

Let us know your opinion, and if you’re interested, why don’t you call us?


Hydraulic press standarization