The ERLO Groups introduces the new Ibermach catalogue

After years of uninterrupted manufacturing, with thousands of ERLO drilling and tapping machines, we have developed different drilling and tapping solutions that we have applied to our machines.

Year after year, our clients' needs have pushed us to design and manufacture different kinds of autonomous drilling/milling units that are currently in use all over the world.

This new IBERMACH catalogue is a small sample of the latest progress made with the aforementioned autonomous units, that we have decided to sell separately, making them available to other companies that must currently purchase their supplies from foreign companies.

In this way, we place our vast experience at the service of automatic-line manufacturers who use autonomous drilling and tapping, and even milling units at their facilities. Independent units that are built into their own designs, providing high reliability and that are easy to assemble.

In the attached catalogue, you can see capacities, models, measurements, practical applications and everything you need to better discover the products we offer, so you can decide to join the many others who have already purchased, and continue to do so.

Please don't hesitate to view the new products we are developing with vertical and transversal tables for cutting lines and drilling long parts, support columns and tables or the new head for large drilling capacities, with an ISO-40 cone.

This head was recently installed in two machining centres we manufactured, with the capacity to process parts up to 12,000 mm long, where the client conducts conventional drilling and tapping operations, fluo drilling, fluotapping and milling, all with interior and exterior cooling, in addition to automatic pulverised cutting oil or paste application.