New family of High-Performance Transfer Machines

From ERLO Group we present our new solution based on a new design of modular units and multi-process rotary indexing table. Providing greater versatility, this solution has been developed under own specifications and in collaboration with the technology centre IDEKO, member of BRTA.


This new asset reflects ERLO Group’s strong commitment to innovation and development of new solutions that not only make ERLO Group the ideal partner for those companies looking for automation solutions in high productivity sectors, but at the same time help them to remain competitive in their respective sectors.


Consisting of an upgrade in the range of current transfer machines, these new modular units involve the launching of a new line with the productive capacities of a transfer machine, and the flexibility of a CNC machine. It is a new family of High-Performance Transfer Machines, both in precision and productivity, in which Erlo Group seeks to consolidate its position and finding of new applications for sectors such as Automotive or Aeronautics among others.


The modules are designed and developed for 3 controlled axes with vertical and horizontal stations, each of them being independently configurable without affecting the overall structure of the machine. For this, it has XYZ assemblies with Z-axis type ram providing a high degree of independence to the machining area and ensuring a correct and continuous cleanliness.



But the main innovation of this new range of transfer machines is the milesimal precision rotary indexing table which at the same time incorporates rotating tools with servo positioning and HIRTH toothing in each of the stations. This enables to perform different machining operations at different angles simultaneously. These tools are an independently programmable element in each station providing great versatility to the solution as a whole.



Furthermore, the ram assembly is prepared to incorporate high-range electro-spindles to achieve optimal cutting conditions for continuous lines of very high productivity. In addition, the design includes the possibility to incorporate, in the controlled axes X and Y, capturing rules of great performance of positional control as an optional element.


At length, ERLO Group has internally industrialised all foundry models, manufacturing tools, and assembly tools in order to internalize, deepen and further improve the generated knowledge.