20 year old drill retrofitting

If you know our brand and products, you may know that our ERLO and IBERDILL drills and tapping machines have drills with more than 40 years in operation.


However, on some occasion, certain customers hire our engineering service to adapt ERLO Group machines to new requirements (part reference changes, new tooling, new work processes, etc.).


On this occasion we present a retrofitting of a drill with more than 20 years of uninterrupted use. The customer requested a retrofitting package which included: complete mechanical overhaul, replacement of the main panel and replacement of the electrical cabinet.


We show you the before and after images of the machine, showing the changes based on the Retrofitado package requested.


It is not always necessary to replace an old machine buying a new one, sometimes is enough with lengthening the lifespan of the one you already have. Do you have a drill or threader with the same casuistry? You want our team to take a look?


Link to the before and after video: https://youtu.be/QvnbuzpZjRE


20 year old drill retrofitting