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  • Ibermach Erlo Group strengthens its Drilling Unit manufacture business Step by step, IBERMACH Special Machinery continues to increase the list of clients who use our autonomous drilling units. How easy they are to assemble, their robustness and ease of use are the main factors leading many engineering firms and special machine manufacturers to decide to assemble our au... Read more
  • Ibermach Erlo group sends a special Lizuan press to Mexico IBERMACH Special Machinery recently sent a special four-column press to Mexico to assemble fan turbines for one of the largest multi-nationals in the sector, the Catalan company Soler Palau (S P). Based on the press manufactured at the time under the LIZUAN brand, we have evolved and improved it to ... Read more
  • Ibermach sends 2 1000-tonne presses to Brazil IBERMACH Special Machinery S.L. just finished manufacturing two hydraulic presses for the Gestamp Group.  Both presses will be leaving for Brazil next week, to be installed at the Iraeta Brazil plant. Their purpose is to straighten forge flanges up to 7 metres in diameter that will then be machined.... Read more
  • Ibermach manufactures Lizuan Presses IBERMACH Special Machinery is manufacturing the hydraulic presses designed and manufactured by LIZUAN Construcciones Mecánicas since 1962. With a set of 1,500 machines sold over the past 50 years of its existence, Lizuan is well-known for the quality of its presses and adapting design to its cli... Read more
  • Ibermach Special Machinery introduces its new corporate catalogue In light of the EMO 2013 Fair recently held, IBERMACH Special Machinery S.L.U., a member of Erlo Group, created a new corporate catalogue. In addition to the selection of products it manufactures, it shows the current and future business approach, sharing the strategic vision, resources and producti... Read more