New ERLO Group E-commerce launched!

With the new year, in addition to wish you health and luck, we present a project in which we have been working for some time in order to make your purchase process much easier.


We present our online shop! Through this new channel, you can acquire our ERLO and IBERDRILL drills and tapping machines in their different ranges, premium and professional, in a quick and simple way.


You might be thinking, how am I going to buy a product at such a cost online? Is this safe?


Well, you don’t have to worry about it since the store has been developed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about the payment method, being this 100% safe through the online platform TPV Virtual RedSys. Do you want to know more about this platform? Go to the following link and you can learn more about it, TPV Virtual RedSys.


With this release, you can make your purchase using your computer or any other mobile device.


We start with drills and machining units; how about I tell you that you’ll be able to buy parts soon? Interesting, isn’t it?


Perhaps you are considering to acquire a new drill out of necessity, and/or are thinking of retiring that drill that has lasted so long and for which you have so much affection. If your case is the latter, let’s talk, we may make you an offer for it.


As a launch promotion, the website will have a 15% discount on all our models during the first 3 months (until April 2021)!


Access through our website and do not miss this opportunity. For any additional information, please do not hesitate to contact ERLO Group and our sales team will gladly assist you.

New ERLO Group E-commerce launched!