Renting services for industrial machinery

This week, ERLO Group is happy to announce that we already have more than 1,000 followers in our social media, but this is only the beginning and we encourage you to follow us through our different social media accounts (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook y YouTube). In this time, we would like to inform you about the latest financial solution incorporated, aimed for those SMEs and other companies that are interested in purchasing the most innovative equipment solutions without having to make high investments in a single payment.


From ERLO Group we continue to bet on innovation and development, offering integral service for drilling and threading solutions through our different companies: Erlo, Iberdrill, Ibermach and Erlo Service. Notwithstanding, growth does not only come with innovation and product development, but also with high value-added services, which more and more, play an important role in today’s business paradigm.


With the intention of providing services that help our clients on their decision-making processes, ERLO Group increases its portfolio with a financial solution for the acquisition of equipment, the renting for investments between 5.000€ - 50.000€. In addition, ERLO Group offers alternative payment solutions for higher investments.


The renting of industrial goods, machinery and equipment represents an interesting alternative for those SMEs and other companies that do not want to make a considerable outlay when purchasing or renewing their fleet of machines. Simple spoken, the renting can be defined as a lease of property for a specified period of time in exchange for a monthly fee that will cover the entire coverage stipulated within the defined contract. Simple, isn’t it?


Unlike traditional payment methods, renting has a number of advantages:


First and foremost, the renting represents an investment in which, if the customer decides that the good is of no longer use or if any inconvenience happens, the customer is able to return the good and cease his obligation to make the monthly payment.


Obsolescence managing wise, bearing in mind that relatively incipient technology may become obsolete in a matter of months, renting allows not only constant technological adaptation, but also a renewal of equipment and machinery without having to purchase goods that will be of no use to companies in the future.


Furthermore, in terms of accounting, the renting fees are considered simple expenses, being the payment of this type of services tax deductible. In addition, the depreciation of this asset does not affect the financial activity of the company since it is a rental element.

At length, renting brings something that every company wants, flexibility and simplicity. The client decides, within certain parameters, the time in which he wants to divide the investment (6,12,24 months etc.). After signing the contract, the customer will only have to worry about using the good since the fees cover all the additional expenses agreed in the contract (insurance, installation, etc.).


Being aware that, despite its high cost, technology is a key element to maintain the competitiveness of the company, and ERLO Group wants to help you. Do not hesitate and contact us without any obligation.