Ibermach drilling and pressing robotized cell for aluminium

In this time, we present one of our success stories for the automotive industry, specifically for our customer CIE Automotive. The solution is based on a robotic cell for the sleves-feeders cutting, pressing and marking of aluminium parts on high-cadence lines with an in-house design and production with ERLO Group tools and processes.


Composed of an automatic drill (CNC) capable of cutting 4 sleves-feeders simultaneously and a press of 4 columns of 80 tons of capacity. Additionally, with a design able to work with multiple references, the solution has significantly increased not only the customer’s production capacity by a x24, but also a reduction in times and costs of 75%.


Focused on creating environmentally friendly solutions, it has been designed and developed in a way that eliminates chip production, enabling the reuse of raw material and translated into cost and waste management savings.


At length, the solution reinforces the positioning of both ERLO Group, through the Ibermach brand, and the customer in favour of circular economy and cleaner industrial solutions.


Link to YouTube video: https://youtu.be/evV0ROQqfHI