This week is about presses. Along with the recent launch of our 2021 catalogue of hydraulic presses where, apart from the knowledge and designs acquired when absorbing Lizuan, we show our own designs and product range, we show you the improvements made this 2021.


At this stage, we have focused on standardizing the press management system. Through proportional hydraulics, we have homogenized the way to control the presses. This system is supported by the following improvements:

  • Programming screen for simple touch control.
  • Linear transducer to program the measurements without the need for positioning micros, etc.
  • Pressure transducer to control the pressure from the screen without the typical gauges with their settings and so on.
  • We incorporated a new design line in addition to the current ones.
  • We added the option of a specific design to look for an improvement in ergonomics, from working standing to sitting.

Let us know your opinion, and if you’re interested, why don’t you call us?


Hydraulic press standarization

Since 2013, after acquiring and integrating the knowledge, technology and equipment of one of the most renowned companies of hydraulic, LIZUAN, IBERMACH Special Machinery, S.L. took over and added to its portfolio a new range of products.


The range of IBERMACH presses ranges from standard presses, broaching machines and punching machines to special presses.


Providing greater added value, we have applied our own experience in machine tool design and manufactu­ring to various sectors and processes, highlighting our flexibility in modifying and adjusting our standard presses to the needs of the customer.


At the same time, we collaborate with reference technological centers, promoting continuous innovation in our solutions. Ideko S. Coop, Tekniker and Ikerlan (all BRTA members) are some of the technological centers that ERLO Group maintains a close collaboration relationship.


That said, we present to you our new range of proportional hydraulics presses incorporated into our catalogue of standard solutions.


Proportional hydraulics is an application of hydraulics where pressure, flow and flow direc­tion can be controlled by electronic means. This are some of the benefits of this new system:

  1. Allows making any type of change in pressure and flow from the control panel.
  2. Manual adjustments are eliminated for stroke, pressure, position, etc.
  3. System capable of programming infinite number of “recipes”.
  4. Fast and easy adjustable program that does not require of highly qualified personnel.
  5. System that eases the use of the press for the worker.
  6. Hydraulic group integrated in the press.
  7. Etc.

Do you want to know more about our new catalogue and our products? Access to our press and broaching machine sections in our website to download our new catalogue.


New IBERMACH press catalogue 2021

It has finally arrived! After launching the online shop with drills, tapping machines and autonomous machining units, we leap forward and from today onward, you can buy accessories and spare parts through our web.


With this update, you can buy in a quick and easy way all the elements that encompass our machining products.


ERLO Group seeks to be your trusted machining solutions provider with 360º service, ranging from own design and production to after-sales service.


Click on the link to register and have access to our online shop, and if help is required, do not hesitate to contact us through our Whatsapp or Skype instant assistance on our contact page.




Online sale of ERLO drills and IBERDRILL drills and accessories for high performance industrial drills

If you know our brand and products, you may know that our ERLO and IBERDILL drills and tapping machines have drills with more than 40 years in operation.


However, on some occasion, certain customers hire our engineering service to adapt ERLO Group machines to new requirements (part reference changes, new tooling, new work processes, etc.).


On this occasion we present a retrofitting of a drill with more than 20 years of uninterrupted use. The customer requested a retrofitting package which included: complete mechanical overhaul, replacement of the main panel and replacement of the electrical cabinet.


We show you the before and after images of the machine, showing the changes based on the Retrofitado package requested.


It is not always necessary to replace an old machine buying a new one, sometimes is enough with lengthening the lifespan of the one you already have. Do you have a drill or threader with the same casuistry? You want our team to take a look?


Link to the before and after video:


20 year old drill retrofitting




Have you not seen our online shop for drills, tapping machines and machining units yet?


With more than two months active and positive results, we expand the product variety available in the online store.


Accessories are now available! See them below the product customization.


Don’t miss the 15% launch discount on the entire website until April and get your drill, tapping machine or machining unit.


In addition, we add a new functionality and incorporate a product recommender where following a few simple steps you can reach the product that best fits your needs through simple clicks.

Click on the following link and in case of doubt, do not hesitate to contact us and we will guide you through the entire process if need: