If you know our brand and products, you may know that our ERLO and IBERDILL drills and tapping machines have drills with more than 40 years in operation.


However, on some occasion, certain customers hire our engineering service to adapt ERLO Group machines to new requirements (part reference changes, new tooling, new work processes, etc.).


On this occasion we present a retrofitting of a drill with more than 20 years of uninterrupted use. The customer requested a retrofitting package which included: complete mechanical overhaul, replacement of the main panel and replacement of the electrical cabinet.


We show you the before and after images of the machine, showing the changes based on the Retrofitado package requested.


It is not always necessary to replace an old machine buying a new one, sometimes is enough with lengthening the lifespan of the one you already have. Do you have a drill or threader with the same casuistry? You want our team to take a look?


Link to the before and after video: https://youtu.be/QvnbuzpZjRE


20 year old drill retrofitting




Have you not seen our online shop for drills, tapping machines and machining units yet?


With more than two months active and positive results, we expand the product variety available in the online store.


Accessories are now available! See them below the product customization.


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In addition, we add a new functionality and incorporate a product recommender where following a few simple steps you can reach the product that best fits your needs through simple clicks.

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ERLO GROUP strengthens its presence in Peru with a new agreement signed with Innomec Innovaciones y Mecanizados SAC.


Innomec is a company dedicated to the automation of industrial processes with extensive experience in the Peruvian and Latin American market.


With this new alliance, ERLO GROUP presents itself as a reference option to provide machining and automation solutions for its Latin American customers by reinforcing its strategy of expansion into these markets, offering optimal service and quality care through our new Innomec partners.


Leaded by Patricia Mondragón and Hedwin Maguiña Ames, we want to give with this statement a warm welcome to the Innomec team looking forward to have many successes together.


Representing a milestone for our bespoke machine business unit IBERMACH, we present our new hydraulic press model with proportional hydraulics.


After it’s validation by the customer, Alfa Mim-Tech, this new generation of presses marks a before and after in this type of product. The OG-40t, 40-tonne swan neck press is a clear representation of ERLO Group’s commitment to product innovation.


Our client’s challenge was; not only to make a technological leap from working manually to doing it automatically by reducing the reference change times (+500), but also to have a press where the operator could work sited meeting the required ergonomic needs.


For that purpose, IBERMACH designed and developed an automatic press with proportional hydraulics with greater versatility and flexibility. With it, the customer reduced by 50% the reference changing time, in addition to double (x2) its productive capacity in short series.


Proportional hydraulics is an application of hydraulics where pressure, flow and flow direction can be controlled by electronic means. This avoids having to regulate cams to adjust the stroke, valves, pressure switch, etc. manually. Want to see how it works? Access the following link and you will see the operation together with a tutorial of use.


New range of hydraulic presses with proportional hydraulics


Finally, the machine includes a visual and intuitive control from Siemens, which allows to incorporate infinite combinations of working conditions. Want to know how it works? Go to the following link and we’ll show you how.


New range of hydraulic presses with proportional hydraulics

With the new year, in addition to wish you health and luck, we present a project in which we have been working for some time in order to make your purchase process much easier.


We present our online shop! Through this new channel, you can acquire our ERLO and IBERDRILL drills and tapping machines in their different ranges, premium and professional, in a quick and simple way.


You might be thinking, how am I going to buy a product at such a cost online? Is this safe?


Well, you don’t have to worry about it since the store has been developed in such a way that you don’t have to worry about the payment method, being this 100% safe through the online platform TPV Virtual RedSys. Do you want to know more about this platform? Go to the following link and you can learn more about it, TPV Virtual RedSys.


With this release, you can make your purchase using your computer or any other mobile device.


We start with drills and machining units; how about I tell you that you’ll be able to buy parts soon? Interesting, isn’t it?


Perhaps you are considering to acquire a new drill out of necessity, and/or are thinking of retiring that drill that has lasted so long and for which you have so much affection. If your case is the latter, let’s talk, we may make you an offer for it.


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New ERLO Group E-commerce launched!