A new IBERMACH machine leaves our facilities. With a relationship that dates back to the beginning of 2015, CSA-Yubei is preparing to receive the fifth (5) IBERMACH broaching machine.


With a trust relationship of more than 5 years, CSA-Yubei continues to rely on ERLO Group to meet its new production needs.


On this occasion, the broaching machine evolves from a button panel and standard hydraulic system to a solution based on proportional hydraulics and tactile digital screen. This standardized system in our hydraulic presses has multiple advantages such as; the omission of need for manual adjustment of valves and pressure switches, possibility of total control and automatic adjustment through a panel, etc.


Technology evolves, times change, but the essence remains. At ERLO Group, we take care of our customers to create links and relationships that endure over time, and here’s the proof.


After the two-week break that ERLO Group makes in the month of August, we return to work with the batteries charged to face the projects for which they have trusted us and, look for new challenges in order to continue growing as a group.


Companies from diverse sectors such as nuclear, solar, automotive or white goods have relied on us to face the new challenges ahead, which has led us to have the largest order book in the history of ERLO Group.


Do you have to go a step further in your production machines? Get to know us and find solutions to the needs and challenges ahead.


"ERLO Group, joining synergies to create solutions"

Back with the batteries fully charged

As the icing of the cake for July, a new BCG.30 drilling and inserting solution for the construction sector goes to destination.


Looking for a compact, fast and robust solution, this BCG.30 is on its way to La Rioja, more specifically to PIHER. Industrias Piqueras S. A.


Given an exponential increase in the demand for Asian and European markets, our customer needed a solution that would guarantee a finished product quickly and clean, since this product does not have any additional cleaning process.


Want to know more about our tailor-made solutions? Do you need to make your machining processes automatic, but don’t know who to turn to?


If you want to make a qualitative and technological leap, ERLO Group can give you a solution. Contact us and explain your problem, we will provide the solution.


BCG.30 for drilling and inserting

We present a recently validated and sent thread checking system to one of our best customers, BorgWarner.


On this occasion, this INTERCEPTOR design and manufactured as an independent module, is oriented to the checking of threads for automotive parts.


With a solution that does not require any adaptation in existing lines, this model or concept represents an alternative for those companies that are suffering an increase in quality requirements and require a verification and validation solution.


Want to know more about this INTERCEPTOR? Access the video where you will see the system in operation and, if you are convinced, contact us and we will be happy to assist you.