Erlo Group offers you turnkey solutions for your drilling, tapping, milling, CNC machining and metal-part stamping projects

On this occasion we present you one of our tailor-made solutions for the world of stainless-steel tube, curved tube for male and female mouths with angles of 45º and 90º.


This machine was designed for one of our customers in the pipeline sector, Isotubi. This solution has led to a great improvement in reference exchange times, and has contributed greatly to an increase in productivity by providing a competitive advantage over its competitors. The wide variety of customer measurements and models presented a great challenge for our team in designing a solution that allows to cover the whole range of products and references in a single solution.


With the development of this solution ERLO Group strengthens and expands the portfolio of solutions.


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Since 1953, ERLO Group has based its activity on the production of industrial drills and threaders as well as high productivity automatic drilling and threading systems. ERLO Group has always seek to optimize the investment of its customers by firmly betting on a premium product of high durability and reliability, developing products with a service life of more than 40 years. This means that, although the initial purchase investment is higher than the one for an imported drilling press, the life cycle cost is ultimately much lower considering that 7 or 8 low-end drills are needed for the same time period.


ERLO Group accompanies the customer throughout the life cycle, providing spare parts sales services, as well as when necessary, through ERLO SERVICE.


The company aligns with the current tendency among manufacturing companies to base their business more and more on services in order to gain in competitiveness across markets, which are more often than not secondary sources of income.

Notwithstanding, and particularly in times of crisis, sales originated from services tend to be stabilized, as is happening during this crisis situation caused by the COVID-19.


The Basque industrial network is mostly made up of equipment manufacturing companies that in most cases do not perceive any income, or insignificant amounts through the service business units compared to the bulk of their main business. Currently, it is unthinkable to conceive an industrial business without being supported in an efficient and high-quality service. Consequently, the difference lies in the fact that some entities charge for it and others not, being this a commercial tool and not a business unit per se.


With the current health crisis situation, as the article by Bart Kamp shows,  published on 24 March 2020, the scope to be achieved after the monetization of these services is particularly relevant in a context where companies postpone their purchases of equipment. In addition, the service business is a recurring source of revenue and tends to be less cyclical, unlike it happens with the equipment selling business.

It goes without saying, the future of equipment manufacturers goes beyond being exclusively manufacturers, but also in adding value to processes with an excellent service along the whole product life-cycle throughout, and beyond the shadow of a doubt, monetizing them.

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Currently, the evolution of the industry allows to monitor the equipment through 4.0 technologies to know not only their state, but also the errors that can occur in a specific moment of the production in real time. This is translated into an improvement in the reliability and availability of the equipment, as well as the possibility to measure the wear of the parts in order to make decisions in advance.


As a high productivity customized drilling and threading solutions specialists, ERLO Group is aware of the vital importance of obtaining information on the quality of the thread for our customers in various sectors such as automotive and aeronautics. The elevated non-quality costs of faulty threads on the one hand, and the lack of reliability and high productivity thread quality verification solutions requirements on the other, have triggered the creation of our innovative system, the INTERCEPTOR, responding to these needs.

Increasing the value of our solution, in collaboration with the Tekniker, ERLO Group is working on the development of a connected machine, using industry 4.0 technologies to ensure the availability of the information is available in real time and in the cloud, allowing early detection of lower quality threads, reducing in production costs, overall supply chain cost reduction, efficiency increment , and using this valuable information in decision taking processes among other benefits.


Technological proposal wise, the solution is based on the adaptation of the platform SAM Smart Asset Management, technological asset of Tekniker, which will allow the storage and subsequent analysis of the data received. In addition to the platform itself, the connection, collection and storage of the information recorded through a datalogger will be necessary to make it available to ERLO Group. This will enable the machines to be included in other production control systems in the future.


The realization of this project will favour technological innovation in our product and service lines, assuming an important tool to diversify and internationalize the group’s client portfolio.


Through this collaboration, ERLO Group seeks to generate a long-term strategic alliance as a key to make the industry more competitive and therefore, contributing to the country’s growth.

Current exceptional situation wise, caused by the covid-19, from ERLO Group we inform you that the group has taken the necessary measures to ensure the implementation of all the recommendations of the health authorities until they declare the end of the crisis.


 The aim of these measure is to prevent the spread of the virus in order to protect populations at risk. To date, ERLO Group does not present any positive case registered among our employees or among their close relatives. Notwithstanding, given the exponential growth and, taking into account the scalability of the problem, we act with the intention of anticipating further events and total responsibility to ensure the health of our society.

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The 31st edition of BIEMH, which was to take place from 24.04 to 29.04, has been postponed and will be held from 23.11 to 27.11. due to the Public Health Emergency declared by the WHO due to the outbreak of COVID-19, by which the fairs ADDIT3D, Bedigital, IMIC and Workinn will be affected in the same way.


In the 2020 edition ERLO GROUP will be present at stand C40, where it will exhibit a wide range of products and solutions. From standard machinery such as IBERDRILL and ERLO DRILLS, and ERLO UNITS machining units, to the innovative INTERCEPTOR thread testing system. Every attendee to the event will have the option to know the full range of ERLO GROUP solutions and to clarify their doubts and needs with the professionals of the brand that will be present at the event.


ERLO GROUP stand at the EMO Milán 2015