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Erlo Group is selected as good practices SME by Iraurgi Berritzen Promotion Agency and it participates as speaker in the presentation of HAZINNOVA Innovation program promoted by Spri, Innobasque and Iraurgi Berritzen.


Our thanks to the organizing agencies. We are glad to contribute our experience to motivate partner companies from the same area to bet firmly on innovation.


Presentation of HAZINNOVA Innovation program

Presentation of HAZINNOVA Innovation program

Another client has achieved a new project thanks to the collaboration with ERLO GROUP. On this occasion we have designed and manufactured a 5-station transfer machine for the company Cortuform from Cortusa Group, to perform the threaded angle of shock absorber brackets. For this project the challenge was that the 3 threads on the part, are in angle instead of going vertically or horizontally. The solution provided has been to make the threads one by one, adjusting the angle but maintaining the duty cycle in 5 seconds, thanks to the transfer machine configuration with indexing table.

Another real and satisfactory application in the Automotive sector, in which ERLO GROUP strengthens and consolidates its position.


Completed with high satisfaction the validation testing for the customized torque tube drilling machine for the Concentrated Solar Power plant in Dubai. Final acceptance testing will be carried out in Arcelor Mittal China premises in beginning of September.