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IBERMACH. Accuracy. Speed. Versatility.


We present one of the latest transfer machines delivered by ERLO GROUP. In this occasion to Maschinen- und Metallbau Respondeck GmbH, a German based company focused on high precision machining for multiple sectors, among other businesses.


Equipped with Kennametal tools, this flexible machine enables Maschinen- und Metallbau Respondeck GmbH to face all their portfolio of elbows in just one machine, instead of having +5 CNC standard machines for the same production.


Machine characteristics:

Ø Machine type: two (2) station dial transfer. Station 1 for load/unload & station 2 for machining.

Ø Machining heads: ISO.40 DIN2080 (available DIN 69871 – pneumatic)

Ø Flexible fixture system: Hydraulic.

Ø Machined part: elbows and fittings.

Ø Sector: construction.

Ø Materials: stainless-steel and others.

Ø Machine capacity: from Ø12 to Ø108 for 45º and 90º. The machine can cope with more angle variety.

Ø Cycle time: 10" / 2 elbows.

Elbow facing and deburring dial transfer machine

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ERLO presents its new machining head model.

The new model CX.14 consists in a servo-controlled spindle head.

Replacing the lead screw or the mechanical stops of a pneumatic system, this new model allows 100% control over the 80mm of the available stroke.

With a maximum drilling capacity of 14mm and M12 in F114, the CX.14 is perfect for machining processes such as; drilling, chamfering, countersinking and tapping among others.

This new model is an interesting option for those engineering and automation companies that are looking for automation and improvement of their production processes.

Precision, control, ergonomics, economy and versatility are the words that perfectly define the CX.14.

New Machining Head CX.14
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It has been 20 years since ERLO Group started manufacturing and commercialising machining heads.
Although it is a young product compared with the group's historic conventional drilling machines, more and more engineering companies as well as machine tool manufacturers are placing their trust in ERLO machining heads.
The ERLO machining heads portfolio includes:

⚙ Pneumatic feed quill heads with Ø14 drilling and M12 tapping capacity.
⚙ Servo feed heads.
⚙ ISO.30, ISO.40, ISO.50, HSK.100 heads.
⚙ Slides and columns for 3-axis movements.
⚙ Accessories such as multiple heads, pneumatic and hydraulic clamping, internal cooling or analogue detectors for tool positioning.
 20 years of machining heads production
If you are an engineering company designing a special machine or a manufacturer of cutting, drilling, tapping, milling, chamfering, etc. machines, ERLO Group can be your ideal supplier.
Check our new price list for 2023 with even more competitive prices!

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After closing a great 2022, at ERLO Group we welcome 2023. The current image of our plant perfectly reflects the transition that the group has been undergoing in recent years.

Without leaving behind the production of the well-known ERLO and IBERDRILL conventional drilling machines, the IBERMACH Special Machinery section is bursting with new projects:


- Transfer machine for machining screws, bushings, nuts, fittings, etc. with automatic feed.
-  Automatic threading machines up to M45.
- Threads quality checking robotized station.
Robotised binpicking feed line for deburring screws for the wind energy sector.
- Servo-hydraulic press for compacting and shaping ceramic powder.
- Transfer facing machine for stainless steel elbows. From Ø13-Ø108.
- 600 TN hydraulic press for straightening processes.
- Machining heads for machine tool manufacturers and engineering companies.

New year, new projects, new solutions and the same enthusiasm.

If your production processes involve drilling and tapping, complex machining, deburring, forming, quality control, assembly and/or others, we are your supplier. IBERMACH can be that unique integrator you are looking for.


Tlf: +34 943 85 18 58



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As a sign of confidence in our machines, a new hydraulic press leaves our facilities to its owner, Jaz Zubiaurre. We are talking about a 40 ton OG press with proportional hydraulics for the assembly process of metallic and non-metallic brushes. Equipped with a mobile table, this machine makes pre-setting comfortable and risk-free for operators.


New 40 ton press with proportional hydraulics


In a significant improvement in comparison with conventional hydraulics, the proportional hydraulics allow the working conditions to be adjusted and modified from the main Siemens PLC control. This eliminates the need to adjust strokes, pressure switches, cylinder positions, etc. All this in an easy and intuitive way so that no specialised manpower is required to operate the machine.


If your production processes deal with deformation, machining, control, assembly, etc. count on us. ERLO Group can be the unique integrator you are looking for.


>Tlf: +34 943 85 18 58