As a sign of confidence in our machines, a new hydraulic press leaves our facilities to its owner, Jaz Zubiaurre. We are talking about a 40 ton OG press with proportional hydraulics for the assembly process of metallic and non-metallic brushes. Equipped with a mobile table, this machine makes pre-setting comfortable and risk-free for operators.

In a significant improvement in comparison with conventional hydraulics, the proportional hydraulics allow the working conditions to be adjusted and modified from the main Siemens PLC control. This eliminates the need to adjust strokes, pressure switches, cylinder positions, etc. All this in an easy and intuitive way so that no specialised manpower is required to operate the machine.


If your production processes deal with deformation, machining, control, assembly, etc. count on us. ERLO Group can be the unique integrator you are looking for.


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This week we talk about our machining heads, a standard product with more than 15 years of experience.


ERLO machining heads are a product aimed for; machine-tool manufacturers, for their standard machines or; engineering companies, for the conceptualisation of their machining solutions.


Our ERLO heads portfolio consists of:

  1. Pneumatic feed quill heads for drilling (
  2. ISO.30, ISO.40 and ISO.50 heads up to Ø80mm in steel.
  3. Slides with 200mm, 250mm and 320mm stroke.
  4. Multiple accessories such as pneumatic and hydraulic clamping systems, multi-spindle heads, electronic components, etc.
  5. Customised machining heads.

New pneumatic clamping system ISO.40
A sign of our continuous innovation is the new pneumatic clamping device (6 bar) for the ISO.40 models, an optimised version with many improvements:


  1. Modular design to include rotary joint and encoder inside the assembly.
  2. High-precision 4036-pulse encoder
  3. Increased clamping and loosening capacity due to multiplier system

For more information about ERLO machining units do not hesitate to contact us or visit our RRSS:

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Two photos, same place, same essence and a product in constant evolution. 60 years have already passed since those pioneers who started the way in the world of metal cutting. Although the years go by and the generations change, ERLO Group continues to be the same manufacturer of quality products, a symbol of guarantee and durability.


At ERLO Group, we do not stop and we continue to manufacture a quality standard product while providing the most complete solutions in metal removal and deformation. With a strong commitment to automated solutions through IBERMACH Special Machinery, ERLO Group extrapolates its essence to turnkey solutions. The combination of product experience, versatility and flexibility allows us to adapt to the constant changes in the automotive, energy and machine tool sectors, among others.

As we all know, we are approaching a very important time when many companies are thinking about the end of the year. For those of you who are thinking of renewing part of your equipment, we will be launching a special promotion for the end of the year which we will be revealing in the coming weeks.


Stay tuned to our website and RRSS to keep up to date with our news and promotions.




With the arrival of September, the entire ERLO Group team is back. After a short break in August, the production of both standard and special machine products is in full swing.
For the next two weeks, the ERLO Group team will be on the road in Mexico and the USA, taking steps in their international expansion. The aim of this trip will be to service existing customers as well as to close projects in final processes and to attend to enquiries for transfer machines, presses and hydraulic broaching machines. On the standard product side, we are looking for a boost to the distribution channel for both drilling machines and machining units.

Apart from visiting our partners, we will be present with AFM Advanced Manufacturing Technologies at the IMTS exhibition held in Chicago, bringing us ever closer to the USA market.
At ERLO Group we continue to provide solutions to any company that requires a partner for its machining and deformation processes. For any enquiry, you are invited to visit our facilities in Azkoitia or we will attend you immediately by calling our offices.
Tlf.: +34 943 85 18 58

We are on the verge of that long-awaited time of the year, the holidays. However, like many other companies, at ERLO Group we continue working to ensure that the wheel does not stop turning and to be able to provide a continuous service to our customers.


Today's news is dedicated to the recent commissioning of the second stainless steel bent tube facing machine for ISOTUBI. This model, capable of facing tubes from Ø18 to Ø45, represents the degree of satisfaction and confidence shown by this great customer who has trusted us as their partner for special solutions since the origins of IBERMACH.

Bent tube facing machine

The BCG.40-2C model consists of two CG.40 (ISO.40) heads, manufactured and designed by IBERMACH, which perform 2 facing operations simultaneously. Each of the units is mounted on a carriage with protection of the guides and spindle by telescopic fulcrums. The parts are clamped by means of a pneumatic system incorporated in a rotary indexing table. This system allows us to overlap the loading/unloading and machining processes.


This solution is prepared to face 8 different references and since the first model was manufactured, productivity has been improved. You can see the operation of this model of machine by accessing the following video on our YouTube channel:


We invite you to contact us for more information about our special solutions. Are you up for it?