This June 2022, ERLO Group has been on tour in Holland and Belgium.  As in any other country where we are present, ERLO Group is committed to a close relationship with its distributors and customers. This not only helps to have a better understanding of the market situation to give a better response, but it also helps to know first hand what our partners are facing.


We have been fortunate to visit companies such as Electrotool, Germond or Eldis distributors with whom we are collaborating to increase our market share in the Benelux area. These visits have helped us to promote the standard product, both in ERLO and IBERDRILL drills and machining units.

It has been a pleasure to travel to Benelux again after a few years of pandemic. Although we have worked hard in recent years not to cool the relationship with distributors, these visits are the best tool to strengthen both the relationships and the different brands of the group.


As anyone who works in the business world will agree, there is nothing more positive than sitting at a table face to face with the customer to make partnerships work and be strengthened. At ERLO Group we will continue traveling to different markets to follow closely our customers and enhace in the different standard product businesses and customised solutions for machining and forming.

We present the success story presented by Pixel Sistemas during the BIEM2022 of which ERLO GROUP is pleased to be part.


The transformation that ERLO GROUP has undergone in recent years is partly due to the change of philosophy of the company, trying to close links with partners for joint development.


We encourage you to see the success story of our great collaborator and digital solution providers, will not leave you indifferent!


You can watch the video by accessing our YouTube account or by clicking on the following link:


This week ERLO Group has being on tour around Portugal. Recently, ERLO Group has been increasing its presence in the neighboring country through different collaborations with companies such as Adunguem, Marques Santos or Memoderiva. These relationships have driven to a great growth in standard product (drills and machining heads).


Taking advantage of the return to normality, the group has begun to intensify its trade missions. Not only does it intend to be close to its employees, at the same time, the group wants to give the importance that requires the end customer to see, feel and test the product, knowing first-hand the quality in our machines.



The aim of this trip has been to strengthen the relationship with our collaborators, being one of the pillars of the company’s growth strategy. It goes without saying that relationships have to be taken care of, and there is nothing like a face-to-face meeting where people interact physically and not though video calls.


The group will follow a business agenda in which it will not only serve the markets where it is already present, but bets on leaving its comfort zone to reach where the brand is not widely established yet.


With the aim of increasing its presence in one of the most emerging industries in Europe, ERLO Group opens a new office in Katowice, Poland. During the first days of March, the members of the new office visited the Headquarters in Azkoitia to meet the team, get to know the production plant and receive training on the different product ranges offered by ERLO Group.


With an export ratio of more than 75% and 40 years of experience in export, the group reinforces its international presence with the opening of its first commercial delegation abroad.


This project is part of the company’s growth strategy in order to be located wherever its customers are. The group seeks to give a close and quick response, continuing with the close and familiar philosophy that has accompanied the group during its more than 60 years in the industry.


From ERLO Group we welcome our new team members and we are confident that this new relationship will bring many successes. Witamy!

We present the SECOND CSP solar tube multi drilling machine, in this case road to South Africa. Why do we say SECOND? Because this shows the confidence and trust of our customers on us. This machine is designed to load and unload the tube automatically.


Then, the machine performs 21 different drilling operations in different angles with our own manufactured machining head. The machine is composed by18xCG.16 (ISO.30) machining heads, 1xCG.30 (ISO.40) machining heads with an angular head and a special coupling system for a multi-spindle head.


This videos shows an empty cycle test of 1'/tube. The model was prepared for 6m tubes but can be adapted to longer, different shapes, etc. Go straight to the video to see this machine working. Click here!


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Solar power workpiece multi-drilling machine