Do you need to reduce your tapping costs? Do you want to be more competitive? ERLO Group gives you the solution

Being originally developed for the automotive sector, specifically for our customer Cortugroup, the rotary transfer machine designed and manufactured by ERLO Group is a solution to any need for tapping parts which required from a multi-angle process.


This development is composed of a rotating cell of 4 stations in which 3 tapping operations are performed at different angles simultaneously for damping systems. It is a machine designed for this particular part and upgraded by means of a loading and unloading automation system for the optimization of cycle time. The control is carried out through the Mitsubishi Motion system, providing greater ease and speed to the operator when operating the machine.


In terms of business, this cell designed and developed ERLO Groups own units and processes meant an increase of 200% of the client’s capacities, resulting in the reduction of cycle times and increase of the margin per unit among other benefits.


The solution provided our client with an additional value, allowing all the machining processes to be carried out in-house, being the tapping previously outsourced, and provided a new know-how in terms of machining processes. With this, the scope of potential customers and product range was greatly expanded.


This solution developed for the automotive sector is just one example of ERLO Group capabilities. Do you have a similar need? Would you be interested in a similar solution for a different sector? Do not hesitate to contact us and our team will gladly assist you.


Here is the link for you to see how the machine works through our YouTube channel: