ERLO Group, supplier of the world's largest CSP facility in Dubai

ERLO Group, as part of the special machinery suppliers for the facility, provided a Taylor-made solution for the precision drilling machine of the torque tubes of the facility.

Precision drilling machineFigure 1 Precision drilling machine


The newest CSP Solar Power- Photovoltaic project, 950 MW Noor Energy 1, represents the current most eye-catching facility in Dubai amongst all global CSP industry players as the 700MW CSP capacity creates a record large scale taking both innovative parabolic trough and power tower CSP technologies.


In addition, the project will include technologies from a wide range of suppliers, of which Spain’s Abengoa is responsible for CSP Parabolic Trough tech and USA’s BrightSource for CSP Tower, and three Chinese designing firms provide engineering & consultancy separately for the PT and Tower plants.


ERLO Group, supplier of the world's largest CSP facility in Dubai

Figure 2 260-meter high receiver tower


Completing the construction of the 260-meter high receiver tower, the project reached last January 9th one of the milestones of the project. Overall duration wise, the expected construction time lasts 48 months, meaning the overall 700MW CSP project will be completed by the end of 2022. The plant will be brought online in phases in 2020-2022 and the first parabolic trough plant and central tower unit are hopefully to be completed by the end of 2020.

This massive Noor Energy 1 solar thermal construction project will represent the world’s largest CSP plant with a total cost of $4.4 billion, where a 100 MW CSP tower plant, three 200 MW parabolic trough CSP systems, 250 MW of PV capacity and 15 hours of molten salt CSP storage capacity are included.


ERLO Group is proud of being part of the project and pleased to have been the one to develop and supply the facility with an innovative Taylor-made solution for the drilling of the pipes, positioning ourselves as a player on the solar energy sector.