Following faithful to the tradition, in ERLO Taladros y Roscadoras we have painted our drills in beige colour since immemorial times (The truth is that nobody remembers the colour of that first drill made in 1962). THAT IS OVER!

We have not prepared a new corporative manual, created new companies and business areas, adapted our logos and established some branding guides to continue with the same image as always. WE MODERNISE!

As we are the only national manufacturers and one of the few European PREMIUM manufacturers, we have decided to follow our own trend and apply to our products the range of colours of our new logo, black with blue details. In our point of view, the resulting image is more up-to-date, more striking, more provocative (we do not know any other manufacturer who paints their machines in black); a declaration of intentions that says ¡HERE WE ARE AND WE WILL CONTINUE FOR MANY YEARS!

Soon will come new adaptations to our daily life’s:


 Online store to make purchases from mobile phone, tablet or PC.
 APP to order spare parts or to know the production cycle of our drill or threading.
 •Geolocation of our machines to know the nearest technical assistance service.


we continue improving and we count on you!


Erlogroup drill's old lookErlogroup drill's new look