New range of hydraulic presses with proportional hydraulics

Representing a milestone for our bespoke machine business unit IBERMACH, we present our new hydraulic press model with proportional hydraulics.


After it’s validation by the customer, Alfa Mim-Tech, this new generation of presses marks a before and after in this type of product. The OG-40t, 40-tonne swan neck press is a clear representation of ERLO Group’s commitment to product innovation.


Our client’s challenge was; not only to make a technological leap from working manually to doing it automatically by reducing the reference change times (+500), but also to have a press where the operator could work sited meeting the required ergonomic needs.


For that purpose, IBERMACH designed and developed an automatic press with proportional hydraulics with greater versatility and flexibility. With it, the customer reduced by 50% the reference changing time, in addition to double (x2) its productive capacity in short series.


Proportional hydraulics is an application of hydraulics where pressure, flow and flow direction can be controlled by electronic means. This avoids having to regulate cams to adjust the stroke, valves, pressure switch, etc. manually. Want to see how it works? Access the following link and you will see the operation together with a tutorial of use.


New range of hydraulic presses with proportional hydraulics


Finally, the machine includes a visual and intuitive control from Siemens, which allows to incorporate infinite combinations of working conditions. Want to know how it works? Go to the following link and we’ll show you how.


New range of hydraulic presses with proportional hydraulics