20 years of machining heads production

It has been 20 years since ERLO Group started manufacturing and commercialising machining heads.
Although it is a young product compared with the group's historic conventional drilling machines, more and more engineering companies as well as machine tool manufacturers are placing their trust in ERLO machining heads.
The ERLO machining heads portfolio includes:

⚙ Pneumatic feed quill heads with Ø14 drilling and M12 tapping capacity.
⚙ Servo feed heads.
⚙ ISO.30, ISO.40, ISO.50, HSK.100 heads.
⚙ Slides and columns for 3-axis movements.
⚙ Accessories such as multiple heads, pneumatic and hydraulic clamping, internal cooling or analogue detectors for tool positioning.
 20 years of machining heads production
If you are an engineering company designing a special machine or a manufacturer of cutting, drilling, tapping, milling, chamfering, etc. machines, ERLO Group can be your ideal supplier.
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