At Erlo Group, we are specialised in designing and manufacturing industrial machines, customised for your high-production needs


After more than five decades in the industry, Azkoitia has borne witness to our growth as we became a worldwide point of reference for professionals like you in drilling and tapping solutions. Our desire to increase our selection of services led us to include hydraulic press manufacture to cover your business' needs with greater guarantees. At Erlo Group, we offer your business a complete project study, feasibility and execution service, for both machining and pressing processes.

Our objective goes beyond offering you the best tool for your company. This is why we also make a maintenance and evolution service for all our machinery available to you.

Erlo Group is at the cutting edge of engineering. Our belief in innovation is firm, leading us to conduct customized special machinery and hydraulic press projects, as well as personalized drilling and tapping solutions.