Ibermach Special Machinery introduces its new corporate catalogue

In light of the EMO 2013 Fair recently held, IBERMACH Special Machinery S.L.U., a member of Erlo Group, created a new corporate catalogue. In addition to the selection of products it manufactures, it shows the current and future business approach, sharing the strategic vision, resources and production solutions.

This catalogue contains the company's 5 business areas:

  • Autonomous machining units
  • Special and transfer machinery
  • Drilling and tapping centres
  • Machining centres
  • Hydraulic and special presses

Participation in the fair was highly satisfactory, with visitors from all five continents, leading to the start-up of new projects. They are expected to be properly finished shortly. These visitors showed their satisfaction with the samples of machines that Ibermach and Erlo Group introduced this year.

Along with dissemination of the corporate catalogue, the company from Guipuzcoa sees this event as a step forward, endorsed by the orders recently received for two transfer machines from companies in the automobile industry in the Basque Country, and from the Mexican power industry.

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