ERLO Group collaborates with Tekniker to develop a connected and automated machine to manage thread quality in real time, the INTERCEPTOR.

Currently, the evolution of the industry allows to monitor the equipment through 4.0 technologies to know not only their state, but also the errors that can occur in a specific moment of the production in real time. This is translated into an improvement in the reliability and availability of the equipment, as well as the possibility to measure the wear of the parts in order to make decisions in advance.


As a high productivity customized drilling and threading solutions specialists, ERLO Group is aware of the vital importance of obtaining information on the quality of the thread for our customers in various sectors such as automotive and aeronautics. The elevated non-quality costs of faulty threads on the one hand, and the lack of reliability and high productivity thread quality verification solutions requirements on the other, have triggered the creation of our innovative system, the INTERCEPTOR, responding to these needs.

Increasing the value of our solution, in collaboration with the Tekniker, ERLO Group is working on the development of a connected machine, using industry 4.0 technologies to ensure the availability of the information is available in real time and in the cloud, allowing early detection of lower quality threads, reducing in production costs, overall supply chain cost reduction, efficiency increment , and using this valuable information in decision taking processes among other benefits.


Technological proposal wise, the solution is based on the adaptation of the platform SAM Smart Asset Management, technological asset of Tekniker, which will allow the storage and subsequent analysis of the data received. In addition to the platform itself, the connection, collection and storage of the information recorded through a datalogger will be necessary to make it available to ERLO Group. This will enable the machines to be included in other production control systems in the future.


The realization of this project will favour technological innovation in our product and service lines, assuming an important tool to diversify and internationalize the group’s client portfolio.


Through this collaboration, ERLO Group seeks to generate a long-term strategic alliance as a key to make the industry more competitive and therefore, contributing to the country’s growth.