High production Rotary transfer machine for automotive sector flanges machining

From ERLO Group, we present a new success case for the automotive industry, in this occasion for our client Elay S.L. The solution is based on an automatic cell for the machining of flanges with a production objective of 1.2M parts per year.


Based on a circular transfer machine with 8 working stations ready to perform a complete cycle of only 11" /piece. The different stations cover the processes of planning, boring and chamfering, multiple drilling and countersinking, multiple threading, oblique side milling, , milling and chamfering of colisos on both sides and finally, slicing of the contour.


Translated into business, the solution developed with ERLO Group’s own machining units and processes resulted not only in savings of more than €1 million in total costs, but also in more than 50% cost reduction in product purchasing costs. In addition, the solution represented the cessation of dependence on its external supplier and a complete control over the product stock and response ratios to its customers.


Representing an ergonomic cell where 7 processes are carried out simultaneously within a multi-workstation, the solution represents an ideal option for any company that not only seeks automation and improvement of its production processes, but also seeks to maximize their floor space.


You can see the machine going through this link to our YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A_oca1aA7Vo&feature=youtu.be