Automatic multi-tapping solution for aluminium connection boxes

Adding one more success story to our portfolio, we present the solution developed for ABB installation Products, previously Thomas&Betts. Currently, this facility has been working reliably for more than 4 years at ABB’s facilities in the USA. The transfer model BCG-3H is a clear example of what ERLO Group, through IBERMACH Special Machinery, can do for its customers.


This rotary transfer machine was designed for simultaneous threading of aluminium and zamak parts. Being more specific, for threading or tapping of connexion boxes up to one inch NPT.


Equipped with an independent loading module, the machine model BCG-3H consists of three (3) simultaneous threading stations. This configuration allows for better ergonomics and ensures operator safety for machine handling.


You may be asking, why do I want an IBERMACH machine? Taking into account that the same process was performed by operators manually, this solution supports their investment and translates into the following improvements among others:

  1. 75% in reduction of non-quality costs, translated into savings.

  2. 200% increase in total annual output, translated into revenue.

  3. 30% increase in the quality of the final product, translated into greater margins and customer satisfaction.

  4. 100% reduction of work incidents, translated into a worker who feels safe.

Do they seem significant improvements? Do you want to know more about the solution? Do you have a similar and/or different production need?


Do not hesitate to contact us through our website and/or call the phone number provided on it to find out the answers to these questions and any other you may have, from ERLO Group we will be happy to answer them.


In order to see the machine working click on the following link to our YouTube channel: and to our success cases in our web: