New 40 ton press with proportional hydraulics
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As a sign of confidence in our machines, a new hydraulic press leaves our facilities to its owner, Jaz Zubiaurre. We are talking about a 40 ton OG press with proportional hydraulics for the assembly process of metallic and non-metallic brushes. Equipped with a mobile table, this machine makes pre-setting comfortable and risk-free for operators.


New 40 ton press with proportional hydraulics


In a significant improvement in comparison with conventional hydraulics, the proportional hydraulics allow the working conditions to be adjusted and modified from the main Siemens PLC control. This eliminates the need to adjust strokes, pressure switches, cylinder positions, etc. All this in an easy and intuitive way so that no specialised manpower is required to operate the machine.


If your production processes deal with deformation, machining, control, assembly, etc. count on us. ERLO Group can be the unique integrator you are looking for.


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