Special drilling and tapping solutions for the energy sector

On this occasion, we present you with two of our many solutions for the energy sector, solar this time, with the solutions provided to two of our customers; a CSP technology plant tube provider and a square tube supplier for photovoltaic plants.


CSP energy plant solution wise, IBERMACH designed and manufactured the first machine in the world capable of meeting the requirements of precision and optimum times for the manufacturing of the tubes used in one of the world’s largest concentrated solar power plant using concentrated solar energy technology (CSP).


The solution consisted of a fully automatic machine capable of loading, referencing, machining and unloading without requiring more input from any operator. This machine increased production by more than 200% and reduced production cycle times by 50% (from 7h to 97" per piece), compared to the previously used process. In addition, it contributed to the optimization of the plant’s operation due to its high precision and clamping systems specially designed for this purpose.



On the other hand, the solution used in the drilling of square tube for photovoltaic plants  consisted on a fully automatic machine that collects the parts of the manufacturing line, simultaneously performs the necessary drilling processes, and finally returns the part to the manufacturing line.


In addition to obtaining the capacity to carry out an additional process in-house, the solution resulted in +150% increase in production, reduction in logistic costs and prior subcontracting and a 20% increase in total profit per piece.


For more detail on the solutions, do not hesitate to contact ERLO Group and our team will be happy to answer any questions and requests for additional information.