Erlo is basing its diversification plan on special machines and hydraulic presses

Erlo's management has sped up diversification of its product catalogue with special machinery under the Ibermach brand. Innovation work led to the creation of a new generation of centres, launching the first hydraulic press and developing independent machining units (heads).

The Guipuzcoan company Erlo, with over half of a century's experience in manufacturing drilling and tapping machines, solidified its diversification toward new lines of automatic, multi-technological tooling machines equipped with CNC systems. The plan's execution was based on blending innovative and corporate actions over the past six years. This provided for a broader catalogue, offering elements based on its traditional conventional tapping and drilling machine manufacture, with the brands Erlo and Ibarmia Universal, while under the brand Ibermach they produce transfer machines with automatic feeding and turnkey solutions, machining units (heads), fixed bench and mobile column machining centres, and hydraulic presses.

In the words of the company's sales director, Aitor Salaberria, the plan designed by Erlo's management took off in the middle of the last decade, with the creation of the Ibermach brand for new machining centre solutions. Later on, in fiscal year 2008, they reached an agreement to purchase Ibarmia Universal's drilling department. They still hold this brand, and this provided commercial and industrial advantages to tackle the ever-increasing pressure exerted by Chinese manufacturers in this business segment.

Boosting Erlo's supply was quickly welcomed abroad, where it currently commercialises over 90 percent of its production. For example, in Mexico it has supplied a high-production transfer machine with three positions (load, drill and tap) to Tomas Betts, a subsidiary company of the ABB group that manufactures inspection traps for the electric sector.

In Poland, for the companies Europe Systems, roller track manufacturer, and Jelcz, rolling stock, it will deliver two cutting-edge Ibermach centres, with a 6 and 12-metre path, respectively. The equipment will have CNC, automatic tool change and interior and exterior cooling. Moreover, they will have two work areas wore over half a dozen operations can be conducted (drilling, fluo drilling tapping, fluotapping, milling, lathing and automatic application of pulverised cut oil or paste).

Of Erlo's traditional activity, of note are the contracts signed with a Mexican subsidiary of Siemens and with the Romanian subsidiary of the Japanese company Koyo, in both cases to supply drill batteries. Regarding the European plant, the line will operate semi-automatically, conducting operations with three heads (deep drill, multiple drill and tapping). The two batteries were commercialised by Ibarmia Universal under their own brand.