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Preventive maintenance

Preventive maintenance

Remote support

  1. Online monitoring by means of Industry 4.0 solutions, remote connection to the machine controls
  2. Data analysis and diagnosis. Periodical revision of the data received
  3. Early detection of incidents/anticipation of stops. Study of data received, comparison and forecast of worn elements requiring replacement.
  4. The customer carries out all maintenance themselves according to the instructions provided by the ERLO Service online support facility

Shared preventive maintenance

The Shared Preventive Maintenance service consists of a continuous service lasting for 3, 5 or 7 years, during which Erlo Service will keep the machine correctly maintained according to the purpose-built Maintenance Plan.

Preventive Maintenance is divided into two types of activities and cycles:

  1. Short Cycle activities: these are daily, weekly and monthly activities which do not require specialised knowledge of the machine. Under this collaboration mode, Erlo Service proposes that the customer carry out the activities, with the remote backing/support (online or over the telephone) of qualified personnel from the Erlo Service. In the event of a problem, ERLO Service personnel will visit your premises in less than 8h.
  2. Long Cycle Activities: six-monthly or yearly activities (2 visits a year) requiring the specialised knowledge of the machine manufacturer. These activities will be carried out at the customer’s facilities by specialised Erlo Service personnel and with prior notification. The activities previously defined in the Maintenance Plan will be carried out and a general inspection of the facilities made in order to solve any problems detected.

Full service

In the Full Service mode, ERLO Service will carry out the Short Cycle and Long Cycle activities at the customer’s premises according to the approved Maintenance Plan.

Preventive maintenance

Online monitoring by means of Industry 4.0 solutions
Data analysis and diagnosis
Early detection of incidents / anticipation of faults
The customer carries out the complete maintenance with the online support of ERLO Service
Carrying out of preventive maintenance (long cycle) by ERLO Service
Online technical support for short-cycle maintenance carried out by the customer
ERLO Service carries out integral maintenance (short cycle and long cycle)