Erlo designs and manufactures drilling, tapping and milling machines, drilling centres and autonomous high-performance machining units
Erlo Group offers you turnkey solutions for your drilling, tapping, milling, CNC machining and metal-part stamping projects
At Erlo, we are specialists in designing and manufacturing drilling, tapping and milling machines that are adapted to your high-production needs


To speak of Erlo is to speak of tradition. We came to being in the centre of Azkoitia in the 1960s, and our story is interwoven with drilling and tapping machines. Reliability and durability are key for the entire range of products we offer you. Over 50 years of experience in the sector and the quality of our work are the factors that led us to export our products all over the world. We are specialists in drilling and tapping machines.

At Erlo, tradition is not at odds with innovation and development. The needs of our clients and of the sector itself have led us to evolve and to continue making the best solutions available to you. We have grown to offer you drilling and tapping centres that are adapted to your projects, always with Erlo's quality seal.

Research and innovation work, as well as experience with our clients, led us to start up even more personalised projects, at the cutting edge of technology. This is what happened with our special drilling and tapping machines, or the latest progress in autonomous machining units that we adapt to each project. At Erlo, we adapt innovation to your needs.