Erlo designs and manufactures drilling, tapping and milling machines, drilling centres and autonomous high-performance machining units
Erlo Group offers you turnkey solutions for your drilling, tapping, milling, CNC machining and metal-part stamping projects

Our selection of products

Conventional drilling and tapping machines

Over five decades spent on producing drilling and tapping machines have made us a point of reference on the domestic and international market. Reliability, robustness and durability are what set our industrial drilling machines apart, and are the key to our success. We are the only manufacturer in the world to offer you drilling machines with a steel drilling capacity of up to 70 mm. We make this quality available to you through a wide selection of vertical drilling machines that can be viewed here. [Read more]

High-performance drilling and tapping machines manufactured by ERLO

Autonomous machining units

In addition to our standard catalogue, our machining units can be modulated and adjusted to meet your company's needs. Engineering at your project's service. [Read more]

Autonomous machining units, designed and manufactured by ERLO